Sunday Quotes, October 2, 2011

“The man who is thoroughly devoted to the Lord does not need to wear some badge in his coat lapel, nor to proclaim that he is ‘living a life of victory.’ It is still true that actions speak louder than words.” – A. W. Pink

Balaam’s ass was used of God to rebuke a prophet. It would seem from this that God does not require perfection in the instrument He uses to warn and exhort His people. – A. W. Tozer

“…in God’s economy, there is always left-overs. He can never run out! God has resources that we don’t even know about. God is rich in mercy. He is rich in glory through Christ Jesus. Your Father lacks nothing! Your heavenly Father is the creator of the universe and the billions of stars that are out there. Your heavenly Father is able to do far, exceedingly, abundantly above whatever you ask or even imagine. So, don’t live as paupers anymore, thinking that you don’t have enough to do anything in life.” – Mike Macintosh

“When your service is the most difficult, God may be doing His deepest work in your life, so don’t run away. God uses you to build His work, but he also uses the work to build you as he prepares you for the next assignment as well as for eternal service in glory.” – Warren Wiersbe

“Man cannot be righteous in God’s sight until he repents of his own expectation that he can be righteous in his own sight. God is not mighty toward man until man is weak toward God.” – Edward John Carnell

“If you are succeeding without suffering, it is because others before you have suffered; if you are suffering without succeeding, it is that others after you may succeed.” – Edward Judson



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4 responses to “Sunday Quotes, October 2, 2011

  1. Praying for Kelly’s leg, Lilly. Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks. Will have another app’t on the 10th to determine whether surgery is an option. Prayers appreciated!

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