Pray for Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith announced to the congregation at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this morning that he has lung cancer and will undergo surgery this week.

Please pray for Chuck, his wife Kay, and the whole family.



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4 responses to “Pray for Chuck Smith

  1. Mary Brucker

    I cried when I read this today, I love Pastor Chuck, he has impacked so many lives.

  2. He impacted my life too, Mary. I sat in that tent and heard the Gospel and gave my life to Jesus. I heard many a Bible study by Chuck (and others) in that tent. While I haven’t always agreed with him, I owe him a great deal.

  3. Ouch. Bless him. Lord, please intervene on his behalf in this broken and fallen world. Maranatha!

  4. This is so sad, he is our “spiritual Daddy” in the Lord to so many of us! I’m so thankful for Pastor Chuck, and his teaching of the word from Genesis to Revelation. Today is truly a sad day, may our precious Lord and Savior be very kind and gentle with Pastor Chuck dealing with his treatment and life….

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