Pardon me, please…

“Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.” Psalms 82:3, KJV

I don’t like bullies. I mean, I really don’t like bullies. I was bullied as a child growing up. At school and at home. My older brother was just plain mean. He got his way all the time. If you stood up to him, it would result in physical violence. At school, I was bullied for years. In elementary school, I was bullied by a kid that was much larger and stronger than myself. In junior high school, it was pretty much the same. In high school I was attacked by a carload of guys who thought I was someone else. I was beaten severely and it took weeks for the bruising and black eyes to go away. For years there was no place for me to go where I felt safe. As a result, I lived in constant fear.

I sought to spend as much time alone as I could. You see, by myself no one was there to bully me. I went out of my way to avoid contact with people. I went out of my way to avoid conflict. I did not like people very much.

I lived for years as a manpleaser to avoid conflict. Even as a Christian I suffered from the trauma I felt growing up.

This is why I don’t like bullies. So, when I come across someone or something that is wrong, especially where others are being bullied, I come across as harsh.

I have a tendency to be quiet or when I reach a point, I am direct and to the point, which people often interpret as being harsh. And I act, for I am no longer afraid.

Bullies are cowards. They only pick on others weaker than themselves. They use threats and intimidation to bully others into submission. Often they use their position of influence or power as a platform to attack others. It is even worse when the bully is one who parades as a “Christian Minister.”

So, if I sound harsh or rude or even “un-loving” you will have to pardon me. You see, I don’t like bullies.

Think about it…


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  1. Joe Dallas

    Bravo. I have a particular contempt for bullies, and history has shown if someone doesn’t stand up to them, everyone will suffer. Good post.

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