Church – Option or Obedience?

I am planning on addressing in a series of blogs a subject that one of my good friends recently addressed in his blog. That problem is, for the lack of a better term, the problem with church, that is, the institution that is currently masquerading as the church and the true church.
I, unlike my friend, am not articulate or gifted writer. I realize my shortcomings and my inefficiencies in writing on this subject. So, I will write from an observational viewpoint, both as a former full time pastor and as one who is on the outside looking within (and looking for a place to call home).
I will probably raise questions which is good; however, my goal is to seek answers from the Word of God and not the opinions of men. I mean no disrespect to any by making this statement. I am just trying to clarify my intentions.
I also realize that we all have our “slant” towards proper interpretation (as we have been taught). But to be honest, the possibility of being wrong is very real for all of us (at least on some things, how ever unlikely …insert note of humor here to break tension…) and convictions regarding interpretations die hard (as well they should). It is important what we believe and why we believe it – it is a question of life and death. But it is also important to be teachable.
As I pray about this subject and outline issues that I believe must be address, I realize that there are a variety of topics that need to be address under this heading. So, while having no set schedule, posts will be up from time to time.
Unfortunately the solution is not as simple as, “because the bible says so.” I hope we can prayerfully examine the issues of our day so that together, we can properly discern by carful examination the truth as God defines it.
Think about it…

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